How to choose a Krav Maga Instructor Course

How to choose a Krav Maga Instructor Course

In the first installment of a two part article, Coach Paul Grey walks you through what to look for in  a good Krav Maga Instructor Course. And importantly, what to avoid....

In truth it is quite easy to find a good Krav Maga course, as long as you know what to look for....


Krav Maga has become increasing popular since the 1990's. So much so it has spawned copycat systems, and the name has been pirated by individuals with no credible background in Krav Maga. Some Martial Arts Instructors see Krav Maga as the latest trend to cash in on, others feel they can simply make them selves instructors and sell Instructor courses. The question potential Instructors have is this, 'how do I find the reputable courses and how do I avoid the less reputable ones?'

Today, I will help cut through the claims and the hyperbole and straight to what’s important. The first step to finding a good Krav Maga Instructor course is..


Find out where the Krav Maga came.


In the UK this is quite simple.  There were only a few sources of authentic Krav Maga here and any credible Krav Maga Instructor will have a lineage going back to them. Avoid any that dont, or any that are vague about who made them an Instructor. Whilst splinter groups have emerged – any reputable Krav Maga group will have a lineage going back to one of the guys on the list below.

In no particular order:

1. Eyal Yanilov.  He was my original Instructor along with Amnon Darsa.  Arguably most UK Instructors have links to Eyal via KMG or the IKMF.

2. Avi Moyal. Now heads up the IKMF

3. Richard Douib. Heads up the FEKM and has a branch here in the UK called British Krav Maga Federation.

4. Haim Gideon -IKMA.

5. British Krav Maga (BKMA) – yes that’s us. We are traced back to Eyal Yanilov.

6. Boaz Avarim (Pure Krav Maga) I have included Boaz and ex IDF Instructor, personally I would not recommend the course. It’s only 5 day course and what I saw of it was clunky and ackward looking you tube it and make up your own mind.

7. Haim Zut – Has one London school here I believe under Joel Bennet and I hear good things about Joel.

 Any genuine individual or organisation in the UK claiming to offering real Krav Maga will have been certified as an instructor with these. Whilst this is no guarantee, it does tell you that the Instructor/Individual concerned has at least had a credible background.



Krav Maga Lineage matters - I mean really matters...

Krav Maga is not a Martial Art. It is a personal survival system - a functional combat method. People choose Krav Maga because of the history, the evoloution and the resulting effectiveness. These 3 factors combined make Krav Maga what it is.  The name Krav Maga is a generic term, the system of training and principles are not.

Now I am not a purist, I care less about the history than the training, I care about whether Krav Maga works in real life and whether students can learn and apply it under real world conditions.  I am teaching good stuff. From experience, you can tell if its real Krav Maga as the harder you make training, the more people go back to Krav Maga.

Due diligence

In commerce there is a phrase, due diligence. Quite simply it means you do your homework before investing your money. If you are going to invest the money, the time and the effort in an Instructor course research all the options. Your first question should always be where did the Krav Maga come from? If you know that – you’ll avoid the first major pitfall in finding a good course.

Part 2 will cover what to look for in Instructor courses generally and how to avoid the most common pitfalls in finding that elusive perfect course.

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Paul Grey is the head coach of British Krav Maga and a full time professional Instructor.

Paul teaches at Krav Maga Bristol and Weston Super Mare Krav Maga

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