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Personal Training in Krav Maga

Personal Training in Krav Maga
presonal training weston super mare

As a professional Krav Maga coach I often get approached about personal training in Krav Maga or fitness.

So today, I thought I would spend a few minutes discussing what personal training can achieve in Krav Maga or indeed any physical pursuit. I also wanted to cover what you can expect and potential pitfalls in the process.

What are the benefits of personal training in Krav Maga

In simple terms you learn better and learn faster with personal training than class based lessons. Training is personalised and focused on you – not the entire class so progress is faster...

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Bristol Gym membership

b2ap3_thumbnail_article-1345759-06496C820000044D-806_468x313.jpgEvery new year Krav Maga Bristol is bombarded by enquiries about training. The leisure industry has become highly cynical  about theses enquiries seeking to cash in quick due to the volume that start and stop in a short space of time.


Gym chains are well aware that over 80% of these new year members will have stopped training  within 12 weeks and a staggering 59% will have stopped by the end of January. 

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What is it with handwraps and aerobics

0What is it with people wearing handwraps for aerobics ?


You all know what I mean, that Thaibo/boxercise body combat class and they are all wearing hand wraps...

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