BKMA_5_copyKrav Maga Bristol: Why learn Krav Maga with us

If you are based in Bristol, you are in a unique position. The British Krav Maga Association is based in Bristol. Bristol is a hot spot for Krav Maga in the UK with more Krav Maga Instructors per capita than any other city.

This is because Krav Maga Bristol has trained more Krav Maga Instructors than any other School in the UK.

Real Krav Maga

Modern 'Martial Arts' have evolved in the safety of the training hall or represent what modern instructors think happened in Fuedal times. Modern martial arts are a pale imitation of traditional systems where a student would often spend months or years practising a just few techniques. Training ewas tough, brutal and bore little resembelance to todays martial arts.  Though many claim to differ, there is little evidence that most 'traditional martial arts' would even ber recognisable to a practitioner of 100 or so years ago.  Hundreds of years off battlifields or real life conflict has taken its toll in on the practicality and techniques of these techniques.

We teach authentic Krav Maga, the system founded by imi Sde Or. Our training and certifications are recognised by Krav Maga Worldwide - the Worlds largest and most professional Reality Based Training Organisation.

ence of consistent application and review under real conflict. Few Instructors implement, pressure test and adapt. Krav Maga does.

Martial Arts Instructors, create, invent or 'improve' techniques based their dojo experience. This is not necessarily a bad thing as creativity and adaptation is great..... unless these techniques are proclaimed as 'Reality Based" or 'proven".

These techniques are based on supposition and guesswork. Krav Maga has been tried and tested since 1948 by over 500 military and Law Enforcement agencues.

Combat evolved

Krav Maga did not evolve in the dojo. It evolved and evolves still, in some of the most dangerous places in the world through real experience. Krav Maga is proven and still used by the IDF to this day.

We are good at what we do

We specialise in only one thing. Realistic 21st century self defence. We deal with muggings, happy slapping, cash point robbery, car jacking, glassing. All ugly, but real. Krav Maga techniques are simple, and the principles have been consistantly proven to work.

Professional Standards

This is not a hobby. The Instructors are Professional Krav Maga Instructors specialising in realistic self defence training. We provide Classes, Private training, Krav Maga Bootcamps and seminars for other instructors. Our students have included Police, door staff, serving military personnel, close protection officers, and the general public. Our research, teaching methods and techniques are again at the leading edge of Reality Based training.

It's Reliable.

Krav Maga techniques taught by us evolved from work and principle taught by Imi Sde Or, (the founder of Krav Maga). The same principles that make Krav Maga the primary hand to hand system taught in the israeli and over 500 other Law Enforcement and Military Units. Krav Maga has been repeatedly tested in real battle situations across the globe. You will learn these same proven techniques and test them under pressure.

International Standards and Recognition

We are the only location in the UK able to train and grade students through the advanced levels of Krav Maga and do so right here in Bristol. Our grades are certified Internationally by Krav Maga Worldwide.

We are the only UK location offering an Internationally Recognised Krav Maga Apprentice Instructor programme.

A broad knowledge base and real life experience.

The Lead Trainer (Paul Grey) worked in a range of custodial and forensic settings managing and controlling aggressive behaviour. He also holds 3 Black Belts and 4 Instructor certifications in a range of related areas including control and restraint training and full contact adrenalised training. Paul is certified to teach the "Expert" Level programme and is the only KMW Force on Force Law Enforcement trainer in the UK.

Accelerated Learning and pressure testing

Krav Maga has a well established approach to accelerated learning. Students are encouraged to learn technique and principle slowly and correctly. Students then start to perform technique under an increasing variety of situations with pressure. From standing, sitting, lying on the floor, single attackers, gangs in fact, just about any realistic situation. Attackers will resist and be aggressive during this situation. This is demanding and realistic training but essential for any reality based system.